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TO ALL MY ENGLISH SPEAKING FRIENDS: I am really sorry I have no time ATM to update the English page too… I suggest you read the French page which is up to date with a translator. I’ll be back on the English page as soon as I have some free time for this, sorry again.



First of all I must say that I myself have been a member of GetEasy, with a 3200€ trackers pack, at the beginning I believed 1000% in the concept,  just after my registration I sponsored two members of my family for 3200 and 1200 €.  Fortunately 15 days after registering I stumbled upon the first incriminating elements that led me to deepen my research that I present here in detail. Having myself been a member of this scam allowed me to get information and to become aware of certain items that are not easily accessible to people "from outside". Also I had access to secret Facebook group that leaders use to transmit news from CEO’S to members.


For those who do not have the courage to read this entire page, in short, GetEasy is a Ponzi scheme hidden under a pseudo-MLM. GetEasy has no customers, members payments exclusively come from the sums paid by new members. This kind of pyramid scheme is illegal in France and almost everywhere in the world, the penalties in France is 5 years jail and a 375,000 Euros fine. See articles L122-6 et L122-7 du code de la consommation et article 313-1 du code pénal


Let’s now see in detail each point. There are countless lies of GetEasy CEO’s and GetEasy leaders who are at the top of the pyramid, lies that will all be demonstrated here with evidences that everyone can check. Feel free to click on all links to check our words!





Ø GetEasy and BBOM


Just before GetEasy launch, BBOM was condemned by Brazilian justice on November the 21st, 2013 for being a Ponzi scheme. Then on September the 17th, 2014, BBOM was definitely condemned for pyramid selling and selling investment contracts without authorization.


Looking at this the BBOM concept , you'll notice that GetEasy is a copy of BBOM.


We know that Pedro Mira Godinho, one of the three founders of Geteasy, was involved at a high level in BBOM.


Now here's proof of the link between BBOM and Geteasy: on the domain name geteasymlm.com used by GetEasy for the passwords recovery after they reset them all on early December 2014, we can see that the name BBOM appears as company name! Like what all as smart as they are for you to believe some whoppers, GetEasy CEO’s also commit huge foolishness by negligence.








Ø GetEasy et TachoEasyIberica Merge


In its GetTV Especial de Madrid GetEasy announced, through Tiago Fontura, "the largest merger in the history of the MLM"



TachoEasyIberica is presented as a giant, a leader in its sector. And GetEasy too. Actually TachoEasyIberica is another scam, as you will see below, they do not manufacture trackers, they just buy them from two Chinese manufacturers, Qeclink and Gosafe!

This so-called historical merge  was celebrated at the GetAwards in Lisbon on October the 18, 2014.


Just another  lie, for the simple reason that if a merger had occurred the companies GetEasy and TachoEasyIberica would have ceased to exist to give birth to a new company resulting from the merge, which is not the case!





Ø GetEasy "Financial Partners"


Since early September 2014, Geteasy tried to make us believe in the signing of a partnership with "the largest financial institution in the world", to borrow the words of Antonio Loios, CEO of fake tachoeasyiberica and Geteasy.




1.   First it was the IFB (International Finance Bank)

Flyer :


Official release:


(Click on the pic to open the page)


I sent a mail to the IFB, one of the senior officials for the IFB answered and denied any partnership with GetEasy:




2.   Then it was the IFC (International Finance Corporation)


Here again, the IFC has denied any partnership with GetEasy in a official statement on its website that you can read here:


IFC has recently received reports that misleading statements are being circulated which falsely suggest some affiliation or relationship between IFC and the following entities: GetEasy Group, TachoEasy Iberica, International Finance Corporation Ltd and International Finance Bank Ltd/Banque Financière Internationale Ltd.  


Specifically, IFC has received inquiries asking whether IFC is affiliated with or is involved with requesting that certain payments be made to these entities.  IFC is not affiliated with these entities and is in no way involved in requesting that payments be made to these entities.  Any such suggestion to the contrary could be an attempt to obtain fraudulent “investments” in the same or related fields as IFC’s legitimate operations. 


IFC has no relationship to and is NOT affiliated with these entities in any way. Any statements to the contrary are false.  


If you encounter any such statement or receive such a solicitation, please contact IFC (highlighting "General Inquiry").


3.   After the denials by the IFB and the IFC, GetEasy moved to it’s pseudo-bank the  IFC Limited


And this is where we discovered a huge part of the scam!


Geteasy published on its official website the excuse to the attention of the REAL IFC, and explained us that we were considering the wrong IFC, as their financial partner is in fact the IFC LIMITED,  Bank whose headquarters is in Tel Aviv in Israel, whose President is a certain Dr. Michael Herzog, whose Vice President is none other than Antonio Loios.


Here is the full text of this publication of GetEasy which was located at the address https://www.geteasygroup.com/en/esclarecimento-ao-ifc-grupo-banco-mundial-2/ but is no longer available, the GetEasy site being offline at the time where I write these lines.


" GetEasy Ltd. and TachoEasy Ibérica Lda. intend to, in first place, to express its deepest respect and understanding of the fundamental role of the International Finance Corporation, World Bank institution, in pursuit of better living conditions of millions of people worldwide since its inception.


Secondly, we express before your institution, as done publicly on other occasions and towards other entities, the exclusively commercial commitment of these two companies, operating internationally in full transparency and in strict compliance with the existing legal requirements in the countries they operate.


GetEasy Ltd. and TachoEasy Ibérica Lda. want to clarify that its commercial position in the market has been misinterpreted as a funding instrument of financial investments outside the law, by the defamatory influence of some Media, which, having failed to fulfill its fundamental role to provide society with the correct information, they set mistrust and suspicion by breaching the adversarial principle and not making it part of their news.

We also want to make clear that we have established, in fact, a partnership with a management company of private equity investments denominated International Finance Corporation Limited, which has suggested, to third parties, confusion between your institution and the company mentioned above. A misunderstanding that remains, although the link to the IFC Ltd. website is on our own website, revealing itself, the entity with whom we have actually partnered with.


However, Eng° António Loios, CEO of GetEasy Ltd. and of TachoEasy Ibérica Ltd, had publicly announced to the commercial network and customers, quite clearly, the difference between the IFC – World Bank institution – and the IFC Ltd. – private capital Israeli company- that was now business partner of the company group. This explanation was personally sent to the commercial network and customers in the past day 27/09/2014. The recording is from that day, also available in YouTube social network https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twzARiVP9Po


Despite this urgent clarification next your institution, we believe necessary, given the doubts and misunderstandings that continue to be generated by the similarity of names and acronyms of the two entities in question, a new public explanation of the situation, either by way of a new announcement to the commercial and customer network, or by a press release.


Lies to the GetEasy Ltd. and TachoEasy Ibérica, Ltd. partners to speak out to your institution, if they deem appropriate, on the choice of names and acronyms that one have adopted and on their activities and scope of business.


Finally, GetEasy Ltd. and TachoEasy Ibérica, Ltd. reject whatsoever, any situation that is not governed by a scrupulous law enforcement and reject everything that results from illegal and fraudulent exploitation, when in use of the image and names of our companies, and condemn any misuse, by non-existent, association of these companies and the International Finance Corporation.

Letter sent to IFC’s Executive Vice Presidente & CEO"


Let's have a closer look at this new financial partner of Geteasy, the IFC Limited, which website is  http://intfico.com


As webmaster my first impression is that this site does not resemble anything, with its background sound  totally inappropriate for a site that wants to be serious, the coding in flash from its menu, obsolete language that is no longer supported by mobile devices. In the last "impressum" link sees Antonio Loios presents itself as vice-president of this organization, which suggests a scam that would want to impersonate the true IFC.


Let's look at the backlinks (links from other sites to intfico.com). These links and their number show the strength and the reliability of a company according to its partners and the fact that people talk about it on the Internet.





The result is final, with 19 backlinks only (equals zero) the intifico.com site is a portal of a company which has NO ACTIVITY and NO PARTNERS AT ALL! This intfico.com, in other words the GetEasy’s IFC Limited, is a pure scam, a hollow shell without anything behind! And you'll see below Geteasy founds any of its future activities and its promises on this IFC Limited, these promises are de facto lies!


For comparison, here is the true IFC backlinks:





Here no problem, 1.5 million links, this is normal and reassuring for a real big company working worldwide. A pity that Geteasy have not chosen to work with this true IFC!


I still give you an intermediate example, my small and almost unknown French online bank still displays more than 4000 links:



Pushing researches a little further, we found 13 other fraudulent sites of pseudo-banks, all set up by Dr. Michael Herzog. These sites impersonate the identity of three major banks: the IFB, the IFC and the IFCB. On each of the sites the Dr. Michael Herzog presents itself as CEO of each bank!


On each of these sites when you click on the last option at the bottom of the menu, "Impressum", we see that Dr. Michael Herzog claims to be president and Director of each of these organizations.

The research on Alexa shows that traffic on these sites is non-existent and the number of links to these sites show that they are completely unknown and inactive on the Internet and that under no circumstances they can be sites of important or known organizations.

Here is the list of these 14 scam sites, they are all hosted on the same server in Berlin, among thousands of other sites, with a free hosting plan.



Talking about the Dr. Michael Herzog, creator of these 14 fraudulent sites, we can see on his Linkedin profile, among other falsehoods, he claims to be owner of the IFC company (without mentioning Limited) and with the logo of the true IFC. Yet a manipulation intended to maintain this confusion between the true IFC and the bogus IFC Limited of GetEasy!




We will talk longer about Dr. Michel Herzog later in this review.


Something else, on its website, IFC Limited claims to be present in 25 countries around the world. This lie has also been demonstrated by a Portuguese study. THE OFFICES OF THE INTFICO IN 25 COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD ARE PURELY VIRTUAL. In fact they use the services of the REGUS Company that provides virtual offices, all numbers from all offices are redirected to one office where it always falls on the same person who speaks English, and whatever the country you call !


Yet another lie: Geteasy claims that his bogus Limited IFC is member of the European Central Bank, nothing that it! Here again our friend Google to demonstrate this lie in a few seconds:

Mentions of ifc.org on the ECB website: around FIFTY (click here to check)

Mentions of intfico.com on the ECB website: NONE! (click here to check)


It is thus indeed the true IFC which is a member of the ECB, and not this scam of IFC Limited as claimed by GetEasy!


(From the month of October I tried to report these facts to my Leader, my team, as well as to thousands of members Geteasy through the secret Facebook groups, I have also through these groups transmitted this information to the main French Leaders. My questions to the subjects we were systematically censored from these Facebook groups, ignored by my upline and have always remained unanswered.)






You all know Pleimo, 1st partner of Geteasy which provides GetMusic Packs. Already, one wonders how the GetMusic Packs can yield the same 300% ROI than the GetTracker packs, since it has not leased product!


On December the 3rd, 2014, Matt Denys (One of the top French leader) did a videoconference to transmit to all GetEasy Members news from the CEO’S he met the previous day in Lisbon. Among the many lies and other completely fanciful assertions made by Matt Denys at this videoconference, here is one that interests us now:


"GetMusic belongs to GetEasy, GetEasy belongs to the IFC, IFC has granted PLEIMO a loan of EUR 5 million. With this budget PLEIMO will sign two contracts with UNIVERSAL and SONY Music...So their artists will be integrated in the PLEIMO catalogue."


Contacted in this regard, Pleimo replied:


"This information is not true. It was something invented by GetEasy.

We used to be partners, due problems of late payments since June, we are cancelling the partnership, but we are still delivering the signatures to not let the members without the product they paid"



Actually a few days later, after more or less secret meeting held in Monaco on December the 13th, 2014 between GetEasy  CEO’s and some one of the highest leaders of France, meeting at which was present the Pleimo CEO, revealed that Pleimo had disappeared from GetEasy products and partners!

Curiously, no official announcement was made by Geteasy or accomplices leaders and the issue of the disappearance of the Pleimo has been systematically evaded, notably by Naowel Abt, at its December 22, 2014 videoconferencing.








GetEasy presents its main partner TachoEasyIberica (company created in may 2013) as the leader of geolocation and the manufacturer of trackers. Often GetEasy uses the term TachoEasy alone to maintain the confusion with the TRUE TachoEASY located in Germany and Austria and it is actually a leader on this the market and has existed since July 2006.


TachoEasyIberica was first said to be a Spanish subsidiary of the TachoEasy group, and then seeing this lie was not standing we were told that it was a franchise.

In fact it’s all lies, the true TachoEASY has denied any partnership or affiliation with the GetEasy Group and TachoeasyIberica, and demanded that they cease immediately to use their names, brand, and logo in an official statement on their website:


"TachoEASY AG has recently become aware of the fact, that the trade name TachoEASY was associated with the Geteasy Group.

We have received a large number of statements of actual consumer confusion. We were also approached by third parties and asked about our possible relation to Tachoeasy Iberica.


TachoEASY AG is not affiliated with these entities and demanded vis-à-vis Tachoeasy Iberica that they immediately cease and desist any and all use of the trade name and logo TachoEASY.


The products distributed by Tachoeasy Iberica are not the original products developed and sold by our company, the TacoEASY AG. Any statements to the contrary are false.


For any further questions, please contact TachoEASY AG."


About the trackers that were supposed to be produced by TachoEasy [Iberica] here is another big lie. In fact GetEasy offers two models of trackers, a portable one, the GL200, and three similar models for cars: the GL777, the GL606 and the G71.


A quick search on Google shows us where these trackers come from :


-The Chinese company Qeclink is the manufacturer of GL200

- The Chinese company Gosafe is the manufacturer of G777, du G606 et du G71


TachoEasy Iberica is an empty shell, their website is a plagiarism of the true TachoEASY, TachoeasyIberica merely buy personal trackers for GetEasy members and provide them with a geolocation service, that’s all!




Ø GetEasy Customers


By the end of October 2014 we cleverly contacted the two suppliers of GetEasy, Qeclink and Gosafe, and we have obtained the number of trackers sold by these companies to Tachoeasy Iberica:

- 25,000 for Qeclink with its GL200

- 50,000 for Gosafe with its G777 and its variants

A total of 75,000, which was not even enough at the time to provide to each Member his personal tracker! And even less to provide a so-called clients  which are in fact purely imaginary!


Here are the answers received from Qeclink and Gosafe:









Ø Systematic censorship of evidences on Facebook groups



During two months tried to alert the members GetEasy, and specifically the principal leaders, through the secret Facebook groups Leaders GetEasy (admins Claudio Vir, Peter Boorggaard et Olivier Fontoli) and GetEasy Way (admin Naowel Abt).


I've always posted my items of evidence in the form of questions to avoid censorship, but despite all the elements or disturbing questions have been systematically censored, here is a glaring example


Prior censorship, I show that it is the true IFC and not the IFC GetEasy bogus Limited, which belongs to the Central European Bank




After censorship by Naowel Abt, here's what remains: there are only an assertion without any fact to support it:




This is an example among many others, I have hundreds of screenshots showing all these elements of evidence that I have posted on the two Facebook GetEasy main groups, as well as systematic censorship of these elements. Administrators of these Facebook groups are also the top leaders at the top of the pyramid in France, they systematically ignored and censored those elements which should alert them and get them to ask questions about the legitimacy of this case.

During this period, I have belittled, Treaty of all names and even insult by ardent advocates this scam and all their little soldiers.

I also tried unsuccessfully to warn the people in my upline and in particular my local Leader who I regularly sent flagrant evidence of fraud, I have been systematically rejected, nobody has even deigned to study these factors seriously, the only responses I got were of the kind "go recruit instead of wasting time with these nonsense".

I'm not the only one to have made this approach, other GetEasy members who had doubts on many obscure points have also asked questions on Facebook secret groups, like me they have been systematically censored, and even excluded from thesegroups.




Ø Delays in transfers, IFC Limited and PriceWaterhouseCoopers


In his official announce posted the 12/3 on Youtube entitled "#GetTV - A viver o presente perspectivando o futuro" GetEasy claims that his bogus IFC Limited holds now GetEasy at 100%, and that this IFC Limited is under the supervision of the well known Audit company PriceWaterhouseCoopers . According to Geteasy this would explain the delay in transfers, because in the words of Pedro Mira Godinho, "every euro that enters or exits the IFC must be approved by PriceWaterhouseCoopers."




This claim is ridiculous. The role of an audit firm is not to review and approve every financial move of a company.


The truth is much more simple: very rare transfers achieved since September (estimated less than 5%) were simply made by the CAIXA, i.e. the Bank on which people make their transfers for purchases of packs. There's no such  IFC or PriceWaterhouseCoopers involved in the process of transfers. Thus, the 75 euros fee for transfers are totally unwarranted since transfers in SEPA (Europe) area are free. These €75 of expenses go into the pocket of GetEasy and are part of the many ways established by GetEasy to discourage people from requesting transfers!


Here is evidence of a transfer received by a lucky member:



And here are the CAIXA data and account number where people pay their newly acquired packs:




It is the same account number in the same branch of the same bank! Do not look further! The simplest explanation is usually the right! (See the principle or Ockham's razor) . It demonstrates once more that every excuse in Geteasy concerning delays in transfers are bullshit and the role of their Limited IFC is completely fictional!


On the other hand, you will notice that GetEasy uses all possible means to prevent people from requesting transfers: €75 totally unjustified fees, pointless receipt to be obligatorily fill out by hand, and even when properly filled most of the time they are rejected, other excuses...




Ø  Duplication of payments proofs


End of November and early December 2014, GetEasy has paid a tiny part of pending transfers in order to calm people who were starting to get seriously impatient. A few rare evidence of payments have been posted and reposted on Facebook groups by corrupted leaders, we find the same evidence posted many times with comments of the kind "yet, another payment received". GetEasy said at that time that the largest of the transfers have been paid, and that the rest will quickly follow. Accomplices Leaders added by saying that almost all members of their teams have been paid, which is wrong!


Example: December the 8th announce on a group of 3 new transfers received




The first had been posted the day before on the same group!




The second had posted three days earlier on the same group!




 The 3rd one was posted 5 days earlier on another group, furthermore it dates from November 19, 2014!




Here again the reality is different. The number of transfers paid by GetEasy is estimated between 2% and 5%!  But as Geteasy and accomplices leaders claim that almost all transfers have been paid, most people think that it is true and they are among the few who did not receive their payment and hope to still receive it soon. Nothing like that ! Almost nobody has been paid! On our group which brings together more than 110 people, we have set up a poll to see who had received his transfer, the result is overwhelming: ZERO transfer received for 25 transfers waiting!!!



(the only YES vote is a missclick reported by its author, but impossible to cancel)




Ø The New Backoffice


After many announces of the imminent release of a new backoffice during months,  which would be "better and more secure that all backoffices of the world and on which 48 computer scientists were working for more than eight months," December 24, 2014 Geteasy finally puts online this famous new backoffice which has many bugs and even delays the transfer requests.


Height of irony, speaking about security, this new backoffice is not even secure (No HTTPS) which is really the minimal security requirement!

In addition, it turns out that this new backoffice is in fact a ready to use theme that GetEasy paid… $19, and that probably required a few days of work for one person to set up !







Ø Other Important Facts



1.    At the beginning GetEasy claimed to be certified by the DECO (Portuguese association of consumers). In a statement of October the 14th, 2013, DECO warns that it is false !  





2.   In its press release of December the 18, 2014, UFC Que Choisir (French consumers association) denounced GetEasy as a pyramid scheme!






3.    The Portuguese criminal police has opened an investigation about Geteasy. October 24, 2014 this police invested the offices of GetEasy. This intervention was relayed by the RTP channel in its Sexta9 program of October the 25, 2014





4.       November 14, 2014, the Bank of Portugal publishes an official statement on its website, by which it prohibits GetEasy, TachoEasyIberica, AbsoluteLeaugue to exercise any financial activity in the Portugal. This release also mentions the name of all those who are affected by this ban:






1.       December 22, 2014 Naowel Abt organized a videoconference reserved to GetEasy members who were without news for a long time and worried by recent events such as the breakdown of the partnership by Pleimo. Those who attended the videoconference have noted how Naowel Abt dismisses all relevant but embarrassing questions by claiming that she does not understand them, with indecent comments for all members who are desperately waiting for their transfer to spend the end of the year holidays in good conditions, like "everybody earns his life and GetEasy revolutionize the economy"

You can listen to this whole videoconference (in French) here


What surprised me about this video conferencing, is its few participants (connected 112) while on this type of event was usually between 300 and 1000 people. It clearly shows that most members are already being diverted from this 'oportunity'. This is confirmed by a sharp decline of traffic on the backoffices:





2.       December 31, 2014, Tiago Fontura made a brief appearance in a GetTV on Youtube.

In this video filmed with his Iphone in a hotel room or at his home, Tiago Fontura appears dressed in a sweatshirt and well drunk! What a beautiful picture for the largest MLM company in the world!




I will detail all the lies and completely fanciful statements by Tiago Fontura in this video, I'll let you judge by yourself, we are in the usual  lies and megalomaniac delusions context.




3.       January 3, 2015, a note from Dr. Michael Herzog is transmitted through the Leaders to members. Here is this note:




We can note an interesting fact I think. Dr. Michael Herzog, who until then had remained fairly quiet, merely to provide GetEasy a fictitious financial partner, suddenly finds himself on the front of the scene and position of spokesperson for the company. We saw a few days earlier that Tiago Fontura was no longer in condition to appear in public, one might wonder what happens to Pedro Mira Godinho, who is the official spokesman of GetEasy, as well as Antonio Loios, which is the CEO of GetEasy, the fake  tachoeasyiberica and the fake IFC Limited. Where are these CEO’s  to give way to a performer whose role within GetEasy is insignificant?



4.    January the 5th 2015 (the day I put this page online) I was quite surprised to receive an email from Antonio Loios asking me (in an even more bad english then mine but in a very polite way) if I have questions for him.


I replied asking the following 3 things:

1) Are you still part of GetEasy?

2) I found very curious to see Tiago Foutura drunk in the last GetTV.

3) And the last official announcement made by Michael Herzog, who is just an insignificant pawn in GetEasy  ...? Where is Pedro ? 


On January the 7th, I received the following answer:

I answer you:

Geteasy ? NO

Tiago …. I do not comment. It was a very fanny .

About the outher question …… take care !!!!!!!

Best Regards

António Loios


Ok I know it’s quite easy to send mails with a fake sender name, but according to the mail header these mails were with Antonio Loios login and password. Under both mails appears the mention "Enviado do meu iPhone"

Both mails were sent from the same IP located in the center of Italy :



I know this is not a proof and I do not want to present this as such, but as I heard from another source the same thing, it might be possible. If this is confirmed I would find really weird that this Antonio Loios, who is GetEasy CEO, tachoeasyiberica CEO and fake IFC vice-president suddenly quits the company without any official announcement!






With all the elements and evidence that we have gathered today we can say with certainty that GETEASY is a system of Ponzi schemes hidden behind a pseudo-mlm! GetEasy has no customers, no more than financial partner.

There are more the countless lies of the leaders of the company, lies that have been demonstrated here with evidence irrefutable and verifiable by all.

Money transfers that you receive do not come from the rental of your imaginary trackers but the sums paid by new entrants. And that is where you can see the limits of such a system. Indeed GetEasy doesn’t earns any money more from France because the vast majority of entries are paid with the balances of the leaders that get real money in exchange as a form of cheques, wire transfer or cash, but for Geteasy it is virtual money that turns round and there's no more real fresh money entering into the system. That's why Geteasy can no longer pay the transfer requests and will do everything to reject a maximum under various pretexts.

Such a system could certainly work awhile but is inevitably led to collapse quite quickly. And when it comes justice will try to determine who was a victim and who was complicit in this case. Do not forget that in the eyes of the Law each Geteasy member is as guilty as the CEO’s and the leaders, and risks the same penalties unless he can prove that he was in good faith and that it abused its trust, thus the importance of the steps recommended below.

Today many members of GetEasy are starting to open their eyes and realize they were scammed. But what emerges most often is that people are unhappy about not receiving their transfers, but have not seized the functioning of the system as a whole. Some members are in great distress because they have committed huge sums of money, sometimes their life savings, and on the other hand they have often resulted in this scam their friends and their families, believing initially doing a good thing for them.

Before everything you must immediately warn all your downline and explain them how things are, and ask them to stop promoting this system. It should be understood that whenever you pay a getcode for a new member, in fact you steal his money that he will never see again!

Most of the leaders highly placed in the pyramid know exactly what it is, this situation suits them very well because with tens of thousands of people under them they have no trouble finding new registrants they will pay the entrance fee with their virtual money in exchange of cheques, wire transfers and even often cash. Unlike you who wait desperately for a transfer which will probably never happen, these leaders cash every day thousands of euros without any difficulty, and these unscrupulous people will continue to steal money from poor people until the last day and will do everything to stifle the truth as they have done so far.

We advise all first try at first to be reimbursed by their uplines which will resume your positions. If these applications fail, form a group with your referrals and your close sponsors who feel them as victims and go all together complaints against the first person up the scale which will refuse to follow you in this approach.

Remember that GetEasy makes thousands of new victims every day, and at the moment it is in poor countries such as the Morocco, Lebanon, the Indonesia that it happens. For these people it can be much more difficult to recover from such a financial loss.

That's why it is urgent to stop this scam, you need to talk to your friends who continue to recruit and open their eyes to the reality of these facts!




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